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SideReel is a website that offers users the ability to search for television shows, track them and watch full episodes online. It is a TV community site with user discussions, reviews, and news. SideReel acts as a medium, connecting users to content centered around the shows that interest them and organizing the information around those shows.
To compile a comprehensive list of television shows and movies and aggregate content for them. SideReel is a user-generated site that provides links to view full episodes online, as well as a forum to discuss and review TV shows and movies.

This user-generated approach, along with the fact that the site is a wiki, allows users to actively participate in the functioning of the site—augmenting, updating, or otherwise changing information as they deem necessary. Furthermore, SideReel uses Facebook Connect to foment user participation and a sense of community. Users of Connect can see what shows friends like and share their favorites.
SideReel launched in April 2007 and was featured in CNET's Webware "beta watch" that same month. In 2008 SideReel was chosen by AlwaysOn in their list of OnHollywood 100 Top Private Companies, a list of the top emerging technology companies in the field of digital entertainment and media.As of May 2010, SideReel was ranked as the largest independent TV Property in comScore’s Entertainment - TV category